Example 1 - Walnut Armoire & Table

Walnut tree felled Walnut tree planking Walnut boards in stick Armoire Detail of Armoire Walnut refectory table

A windy night in 2012 brought down a 200 year old Walnut tree in a couple's garden on the outskirts of Malmesbury. At first they were devastated as this tree had become part of the family, a favourite with their children for climbing up and sheltering below its majestic canopy.They soon realised that they could give this tree a new lease of life by having it made into furniture.


The tree yielded sufficient timber for the two main pieces shown here plus a number of smaller items which have been given to their, now grown-up children. So the tree lives on!

Traditional pegged ends to table

This magnificent Refectory Table is 7ft long and can seat ten. Clever use of the lighter sapwood has made an interesting feature of the inset to while optimising the use of the available wood. The trestle has traditional pegged ends.

The Armoire has a secret drawer in which the history of the tree and its conversion are detailed. Further use has been made of the light/dark contrast which occurs naturally within Walnut.

I am always pleased to discuss ways in which materails which have a special significance for you can be buildt in to something both useful and beatutiful.