Kilim Display Table

Killim Table Killim Table detail

The view to the left shows the amazing pattern of Lacewood and how, by mitring adjacent rails together, the pattern can be seen on both sides.

This table was made to display a valuable Kilim or prayer mat brought back from Asia by the client. The top is in toughened glass with a polished bevel all around it. Inside, is a lined space for the Kilim to be placed. It has a concealed channel and drainage holes to protect the mat from damage in the event that any liquid is spilled over the top. This is just one of the unseen features often built in to bespoke furniture to add value to the piece.

It is made in Lacewood which has a very attractive grain pattern but this appears only on opposite faces. A special technique was used to show this pattern on all visible edges.

76cm x 52cm x 45cm high.


Guide price £850 to £950

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