Furniture Prices

Whilst I have indicated guide prices throughout this site, it is not an exact science. By its very nature, bespoke furniture is made for an individual, very often to suit personal taste and a specific location. Seemingly small changes in design or materials can have a large influence on price.


Price can be affected by many factors including:

  Type of wood, (some exotic timbers can be very expensive)

  Design features (thin panels, curved sections, wood carvings    can add cost)

  Mechanical features

  Special finishes

  In the case of commissions, design time


It is sometimes the case that the same piece bought at an exhibition or from a Gallery may be a different price. This is because there is often a fee which I must pay to have my furniture displayed in such places and so this must be, at least partially, covered by the price.


I will always quote a fixed price for any piece of bespoke furniture and if this is outside budget we can review the brief and the design  to see if, by making a few small changes, cost can be brought under control. This is normal within the commissioning process.


Please look at the commissions page.